The tool below is to calculate when the identification and Exchange Periods end for a given closing date in a 1031 timeline.

Exchange Calculations

How to Use the Calculator

To use this replacement property date calculator, simply input the date the you closed escrow on the sale of your relinquished (downleg) property.


The calculator will show the outside date for identifying and closing the purchase of your replacement (upleg) property(s).


Please remember that this tool is for estimation purposes only.  Your exact identification & purchase dates may depend on your specific situation.  Please consult your tax counsel, accountant, or qualified intermediary for your specific dates.

Important Information

If your relinquished sale and replacement acquisition straddle tax years then you have 180 days or the date your tax return is due, whichever date come first. You can get the full 180 days by extending your tax return due date.  Do not file your tax return until your exchange is complete. 

For more information check out our blog post- 1031 Timelines.

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